‘the corner shop’ Chennai, India

lakshmi priya rajendran

I am an architect and urbanist. The study of people and place exhibits a complex and deep relationship, which personally has always been the most intriguing and inspiring line of thought that drives my research pursuits. My research interests’ deal with urban and cultural studies,critical social and digital media, spatial representation and practice, identity negotiations,cultural encounters in contemporary cities. I am also interested in an interdisciplinary understanding of social, spatial, temporal and material practices in cities and a comparative study of these practices in Global North and South. 

I am currently a Senior Research Fellow in Future Cities at the School of Engineering and Built Environment (EBE), Anglia Ruskin University (ARU). In my present role, I focus on developing collaborative and interdisciplinary research projects under a broader research theme on Resilient Urban Futures. As a culmination of my various activities and initiatives, I launched the Future Cities Research Network (FCRN) which, aims to investigate and generate best practice and policy-relevant evidence to understand and effectively respond to the complex urban challenges for sustainable and resilient urban futures.

“To be, is to be in Place.”

Edward Casey